Jalti Rait Par Episode 6 Review- Heart wrenching Twist!

Jalti Rait Par Episode 6 Review- Heart wrenching Twist!

August 11, 2017 | 551 Views

So, in the previous episode, Sameer died along with his father in law when two men came and shot them. Was it a robbery? or a Plan?

In yesterday’s episode, Sheryar’s Father in law who knows Danish inquired about Sameer’s death and Danish accepted the fact that he had to kill Sameer because he was fed up of his legal proceedings.

Later, Aliya asked about Sameer and Ayesha hide the truth. Warning her mother not to inform Aliya about Sameer’s death Ayesha tried to maintain her composure before her.

Now, Naila and Shehryar are worried about Ayesha’s future so do her mother but Naila refused to accept that Danish killed Sameer, perhaps Shehryar tried to explain her the reality.

What will be the future of Aliya and Ayesha? Even the police thinks it is robbery case, they failed to find any evidence against Danish.

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