Jalti Barish | Episode# 13 – 15 Promo | Full HD | TV One

Jalti Barish Episode 13 – 15 Promo TV One

Starring : NomanHabib, Maryam Tiwana, Anmol, Summiya, NaveedRaza, AkhterHasnain.

Writer :Dilawar Khan

A powerful story about the love between a brother and
sister – and how the two are blackmailed by their own emotions.

Hooram and Alman are loving siblings who share each other’s sorrows and joys. Although Hooram is not happy with her brother’s decision to marry Rimmel, she accepts it graciously because Rimmel is Alman’s choice. Despite this, Alman later finds himself marrying Sarwat to rescue her from a dangerous man, mainly because she is Hooram’s friend and needs help. But fate has more trials in store for them. Just when Hooram thinks she has found the love of her life Zawar , an incident occurs which turns her life upside down.

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