Shabbir Bin Abu Talib hosted the Sehri segment of Ishq Ramzan. Here is the link to Ishq Ramzan’s Sehar full episode.

The segment started with a beautiful intorduction. Shabbir Abu Talib started the show. He explained about the show and different segments.

As the show proceeded, we had a naat segment. We listened to Kalam E Raza segment. It was a beautiful and heart touching naat. Click the link below to watch more.

Then Sajjid Qadri and Bilal Qadri continued reciting the beautiful Naat. It was soul soothing recitation.

Moving towards our Rohani Guldasta segment, we had Doctor Syed Muhammad Ashraf Jilanai. He suggested Rohani treatment for diseases.

As we switched to our next segment, we had Ulema in Alim time. We talked about Eid and different circumstance of Eid. Click the link to watch whole segment.

In our Sabar Ke Waqiyat segment, we had Mufti Muhammad Isaq gave examples about patience and Sabr. How a muslim should carry out patience in his life. Click the link to watch this informative segment.


Ishq Ramzan Iftar transmission on TvOne is hosted by Sahir Lodhi. The show started with an beautiful introduction. They started the show with conversation about Plane crash. Watch this video to know about facts of the crash.

Then we had Ziafat segment. In Ziafat segment Zubair taught an amazing way to make Bounty Shake using Jaam E Shieren. It was a tasty yet easy recipe.

Then we had Aik Naiki Segment. We had Mohsin Rizvi and Khalid Pirzada founder and president of NGO. They guided us about NGO’s are working for the country.

Then we had Goshan E Ilm segment. We had discussion about Ramadan, how we spent 30 days of Ramadan, what we learned from Ramadan and much more. This segment was very informative. Every guest shared their information with people.

As the Iftaar show proceeded, we had Andaz E Bayan segment. In this segment we had debate competition. Audience enjoyed the difference of opinion among the people. We had a debate competiton. Sahir, the host gave an amazing topic to the candinates. We also discussed about social distancing and it’s importance for this pandemic situation.