Shabbir Bin Abu Talib hosted the Sehri segment of Ishq Ramzan. Here is the link to Ishq Ramzan’s Sehar full episode.

The segment started with a beautiful intorduction. Shabbir Abu Talib started the show. He explained about the show and different segments.

As the show proceeded, we had a Mazedar sehri segment. In this segment, we learned bombay biryani by Chef Iqbal Shah. It was finger licking good. We recieved immense reponse by audience.

In our Sabar Ke Waqiyat segment, we had Mufti Muhammad Isaq to dicuss about social issues. He spoke about social issues and gave solution to issues. He further discussed that how a responsible muslim should act according to social value, how a muslim should respect eachother’s beliefs and value.

Then switching to our other segment, Rohani Guldista. We had Muhammad Sajid Qadri. He shared Rohani treatments for diseases. He further guided about precuataions, punctuality of namaz, bad speech and much more.

As we carried on with Warafana Laka Zikrak segment, we had guest in our show. They started the show chunk with a beautiful Kalam.


Ishq Ramzan Iftar transmission on TvOne is hosted by Sahir Lodhi. The show started with an beautiful introduction

Then we had Ziafat segment. In Ziafat segment Zubair taught an amazing way to make Apricot Desert with Jam E Shieren. It was very simple and appetizing desert. It is great way to satisfy sweet tooth.

Then we had Aik Naiki Segment. Guest Muslim Syed Raza joined us in the segment. Sahir updated about plane crash. Different guest shared their thoughts on the crash. Resuming the segment, we had Syed Seerat Abbas Zaidi on conference call. He is working for muslims overseas. We talked about his services and his vison.

Then we had Goshan E Ilm segment. The segment begun with a gratifying naat rectitation. We had a guest in the show. They shared their thoughts on the incident. He kept on updating about the situation. As show proceeded, we had Kalam E Ishq segment. The segment resumed with a gladdening naat recitation.