Shabbir Abu Talib hosted the Sehri part in the show Ishq Ramzan. Here is the link to full show.

The segment started with a beautiful intorduction. Shabbir Abu Talib started the show. He explained about the show and different segments.

As the show proceeded, we had a Mazedar sehri segment. In this segment, we learned Chicken Achari by Chef Iqbal Shah. It was luscious and piquant. Chef used all those spices which are good for health.

In our Sabar Ke Waqiyat segment, we had Hafiz Tahir to recite Kalam, which was satisying.Then Mufti Muhammad Isaq gave examples about patience and Sabr. How a muslim should carry out patience in his life.

Then switching to our other segment, Rohani Guldista. We had Shehryar Nasir from Rawalpindi, to recite a beautiful Kalam. We had Muhammad Sajid Qadri. He shared Rohani treatments for diseases. He further guided how to treat children’s misbehaviour with parents, benefits of Surah E Mulk. This segment was very informative.

As we carried on with Warafana Laka Zikrak segment, we had Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Qadri and Hafiz Ahsan Qadri guest in our show. They started the show chunk with a beautiful Kalam. They discussed about Ishq e Rasool


Ishq Ramzan Iftar transmission on TvOne is hosted by Sahir Lodhi. The show started with an beautiful introduction

Then we had Ziafat segment. In Ziafat segment Zubair taught an amazing way to make Lasi using Olpers milk and creame. It was very refreshing and stimulating. It almost took 1 minute.

We had Ishq E Sukhan segment. We had multiple candinates, against eachother. We had 3 judges, Faisal, Dr. Sarwat and Maulana Dawood.

As the show proceeded, we had Aik Naiki Segment. We had Samreen Khan as a guest in the show. She is running a school where many students are geting free education. They get food along education.

As the Iftaar show proceeded, we had Andaz E Bayan segment. In this segment we had debate competition. Audience enjoyed the difference of opinion among the people. We had a debate competiton. Sahir, the host gave an amazing topic to the candinates. We also discussed about social distancing and it’s importance for this pandemic situation.