Shabbir Bin Abu Talib hosted the Sehri segment of Ishq Ramzan. Here is the link to Ishq Ramzan’s Sehar full episode.

The segment started with a beautiful intorduction. Shabbir Abu Talib started the show. He explained about the show and different segments.

As the show proceeded, we had Kalam E Ishq segment. Shabbir Abu Talib requested Mufti Maulana Shahid Madni to recite a surah from Quran along with it’s explanation. They further discussed about helping people and restaining from bad habbits.

To solve queries of people, Shabbir Abu Talib hosted a segment called Sawal Apka Jawab Humara. Under this segment, Ulemas in our show answer all those queries which are recieved by people.

Then we proceeded with Alim Time segment, in which Ulema Mufti Shahid Madni discussed about useless earning. He guided in light of Quran and Ahadees. As we switched to next segment, we had a Mazedar sehri segment. In this segment, we learned to make fish along with watermelon lemonade by Chef Iqbal Shah. It was finger licking good and lemonade was soul refreshing.

As we carried on with Warafana Laka Zikrak segment, we had guest in our show. They started the show chunk with a beautiful Kalam.

In our Sabar Ke Waqiyat segment, we had Mufti Muhammad Isaq to dicuss about patience or sabr in light of Quran and Ahdees. Under this informative segment, Mufti Isaq shared a story from Islamic history which proofed that why patience is important.


Ishq Ramzan Iftar transmission on TvOne is hosted by Sahir Lodhi. The show started with an beautiful introduction

Our host Sahir Lodhi taught an amazing way to make Safforn shake. He used Olpers milk and creame in. It took maximum 2 minutes. It was so energizing. Then we had Goshan E Ilm segment. We had Maulana Masoodi Sahab, Maulana Azad Jamil Sahab, Maulana Imran Basheer and Maulana Shehryar Dawood in the show. We discussed about feeling for others. Why a Muslim should have a soft corner for other people?

Then we had Ziafat segment. In Ziafat segment Zubair taught an amazing way to make Banana protien shake with Jam E Shieren. It was very simple and fulling shake. It is great way to satisfy sweet craving.


Then we had Aik Naiki Segment. Guest Dr. Farhan Essa joined us in the segment. They disccused about Sahir Lodhi Foundation. It is a NGO working for needy people throught out the country. The pleasure part of this segment was that, Sahir Lodhi recieved approval for his hospital.


The show ended with beautiful Azan recitation, and breaking fast.