Shabbir Bin Abu Talib hosted the Sehri segment of Ishq Ramzan. Here is the link to Ishq Ramzan’s Sehar full episode.

The segment started with a beautiful intorduction. Shabbir Abu Talib hosted the segment. He gave a recap of every segment. This episode was actually dedicated to Taaq Raat. They recited a beautiful naat. Three Naat Khuawan recited Tajdar E Haram together. It was such a peace to heart and soul. Audience’s heart were filled with joy.

Later, in our next segment, we had discussion about evil  eye and bad intentions in Alim time segment. We had Peer Syed Muzafar Shah Qadri and Mulana Isaq as a guest in our show. They started this segment with a beautiful Kalam by Muhammad Ahmed.

As we switched to next segment, we had a Mazedar sehri segment. In this segment, we learned to make honney chicken wings along with pinacolada by Chef Iqbal Shah. It was finger licking good and lemonade was soul refreshing. As we carried on with Warafana Laka Zikrak segment, we had guest in our show. They started the show chunk with a beautiful Kalam.

Latter, In our Sabar Ke Waqiyat segment, we had Mufti Muhammad Isaq to dicuss about patience or sabr in light of Quran and Ahdees. Under this informative segment, Mufti Isaq shared a story from Islamic history which proofed that why patience is important.



Ishq Ramzan Iftar transmission on TvOne is hosted by Sahir Lodhi. The show started with an beautiful introduction

As we proceeded with show, we had Kalam E Ishq segment. Naat Khuawans recited a comforting Naat, which filled our heart with joy. It was such a peace to everyone. Everyone wished this segment to never end. Latter, resuming the segment host and guest had a discussion about social issues.

Then we had Aik Naiki Segment. Guest Tanken Kashif Abbasi Sahiba  joined us in the segment. They discussed about a NGO Karwana E Hayyat. The owner of the NGO was with us in the show. She spoke about their services, facilities and urged people to donate as much as they can.

Swtiching to next segment, we had Ziafat segment. In Ziafat segment show host Sahir Lodhi taught an amazing way to make Pista Shake using Olpers milk and creame. The shake was very stimulating and easy to make.

To make the show thrilling, we had Ishq e Sukhan segment. It was an exciting competition among the candinates. Audience enjoyed the segment. Connecting this segment to another segment, Andaz e Bayyan, we had candinates for debate competition. It was a semi final, one candinate was eliminated.

Coming towards Goshan E Ilm segment, we discussed about Khulfa E Rasheeden. The show ended with beautiful Azan recitation, and breaking fast.