Ishq Ramazan; Finale Andaz-e-Bayan Celebrating the Young Pakistani Talent

The countdown begins with the 25th Sehar and Iftar transmission Ishq Ramazan. Ishq Ramazan is winning millions of hearts with each passing day. Ramazan is a supreme blessed month and to have such soulful transmissions is another blessing. Since TvOne is known for meaningful and captivating content even Ishq Ramazan proved to be the successful presentation even in the last Ashra of the holy month of Ramazan. Moreover, in the presence of Ulemas and renown researchers Ishq Ramazan gives viewers to enlighten themselves with the knowledge of Quran and the teachings of Prophet (PBUH).


Presenting the meaningful else soulful transmission Shabbir Abu Talib welcomed his son to present flowers of adoration in the way of Prophet (PBUH), and enlighten the audience with his spellbinding voice.


Concluding Sehar transmission Shabbir invited Mufti Ishaq Madini to enlighten audiences with the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH)and renown reciter to present the blooms of adoration on our Holy Prophet PBUH.


25th Iftar transmission of TvOne Ishq Ramazan began with Quranic verse recitation by Dr. Mehmood Madni. Also to bind audience with the spirit of Ishq Ramazan Iftar transmission Afzal Sabri brothers presented soulful Kalam.


Moreover, raising the youth empowerment cause Sahir welcomed representatives from Green Crescent Trust and Khan Jee Hospital. Later, Sahir welcomed renown reciter Faseeh -uddin-Soharwardi and Hasan Bin Khursheed to present the blooms of adoration in the way of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) Also, for Azan -e- Asar Sahir requested Faseeh-uddin-Soharwardi to perform the blessed task.


Later, in the 3rd semi-final of Andaz-e-Bayan, Sahir welcomed four talented participants filled with enormous talent, also the competition caught heat when 4 out of 3 participants presented exceptional performances, and judges weren’t able to decide the winner, however, in the end, both the participants proceed to the final.


Later, Reciter Hasan Bin Khursheed presented a heartfelt Kalam in IshqRamazanIftar transmission leaving the audience teary-eyed. At the end of Iftar transmission Sahir welcomed ulemas and NaatKhwans to perform 25th Roza Iftar together with a message of peace and harmony.