Is Sikandar plotting something? Muhabbat Khel Tamasha Episode 4 Review

In episode 4 of Muhabbat Khel Tamasha, Sikandar has clearly refused to marry Tania and on the other hand, Tania’s family is forcing them to get the wedding done as soon as possible.

As the story moves on, Sikandar has made his place in Mariam’s family. Everyone in Maryam’s family praises Sikandar. Here comes the important point that why is Sikandar trying to involve in Maryam’s family? Why is he trying to come to good books?  Maryam has a doubt on Sikandar that he might be plotting something.

Moreover, Maryam’s mother is looking for a marriage proposal for Maryam and her brother Babar.

Let’s see in episode 5 that what will be the consequences of Sikandar’s refusal? Will Sikandar hatch something against Maryam?