Is Asfand Khan plotting something? Muhabbat Khel Tamasha Episode 2 Review

The episode 2 of Muhabbat Khel Tamasha starts with the tension in the scenario as Sikandar refuses to engage Tania, however when his parents forces him to gets convinced to get engage her but he is not satisfied with decision.

Maryam go with her friends to have a dinner, where they get into an argument with Sikandar’s friend. Maryam and Sikandar again get into an argument.

On the other hand, Asfand Khan is building pressure on Maryam’s father to approve some illegal documents. Maryam’s father being honest doesn’t approve it hence Asfand (Sikandar’s father) is plotting something against him.

Moreover, Tania is trying to come closer to Sikandar but Sikandar doesn’t like her. Tania confesses this to her mother but she didn’t listen to her.

Let’s see what will happen next. Will Tania make her place in Sikandar’s heart? Will Sikandar and Maryam meet again? What will happen with Maryam’s father? Stay tuned to know. Watch episode 3 Promo