“I am so embarrassed to get this from my own people”- Armeena Khan Said Something Which She Should Have Said Before & Her Fans Are Shocked-

“I am really sad today, in fact, I feel sick to my stomach. I love a man for his heart, personality amongst other millions of qualities. He is British and has only been to Pakistan once or twice and loves it. I have never, ever come across a white person ridiculing him for his skin. When I exposed him to the Pakistani public, many were complimentary and yet many derogatory towards him due to his complexion. Majority of you abusing him are dark skinned so you expect what? I am so embarrassed to get this from my own people”

From the campaigns like Ab Gora Hoga Pakistan to Ho Gae Main Gori Gori a lot of people are stuck in the same old mentality. White girl choosing a black guy and vice versa is still a huge problem in our society. We are sure Armeena is not talking about the majority and she is a little hurt, but the sad reality and Parveen Shakir’s famous saying:

“Baat toh such hay! Hay Magar Ruswai ki” sums up the scenario.

What are your thoughts about the skin shamers? Do you think shaming in public is not a great deal?