How will everyone react to Saafer’s job? – Review of Drama serial Aas episode 22

In episode 22 of Drama serial Aas, the story comes to a new point, Ujala is trying her best to get Safeer’s attention and to some extent, she gets successful in it, on the other hand, Hania is trying to reconnect with Safeer.

Ujala gives Safeer a hint about her birthday and birthday gift. While Safeer is searching for a job and for a meanwhile he decides to work at a local pizza shop. Ujala and her family don’t know about Safeer’s job at a pizza shop.

How will Ujala and her family react when they’ll come to know about Safeer’s job? Will Ujala’s mother break the engagement, as she is already willing to break the commitment. Will Hania and Safeer reconnect? Wait for episode 23 to get the answers.