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Ahad’s affection for Zoya is decreasing by the minute, and Pinky Khala has extreme doubts about Humayun’s shady personality. In 14th episode, Pinky Khala tried to convince Dawood Shah to reassess plans for Zoya and Humayun’s wedding, however Dawood Shah refuses her negative thoughts regarding Humayun, as Dawood thinks Humayun is the best choice for Zoya, although Ayesha is living at Zoya’s place the family has no idea about the link between Humayun and Ayesha. On the other hand, Ahad is taking good care of Ayesha and trying to forget Zoya, although his mother hates the presence of a stranger and wants Ahad to send her back from where she came.



Actually, Zoya and Ahad has no clue that Ayesha A.K.A Mariyam is Humayun’s first wife and pretending to be single for the sake of staying at a respectable place. Now, when Humayun has started showing his true colours giving precious gifts to Zoya’s made and pretending to be over possessive with Zoya, will the family be able to know Humayun’s reality?


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In Saiyaanway, Qirat, Amber and Zobiya are loving sisters living with their father in a modest neighbourhood. But a grave crisis occurs when the villainous Arbaz starts blackmailing the young Zobiya. Then Qirat takes a tough decision that shatters the peace of their happy home. The lively Shahvez who adores Qirat supports her while his more serious cousin Wahaj keeps silent about his love for her. Now Qirat is married to Shahvez and her family wants her to stay happy with Shahvez and on the other hand, Zobiya is living her life as she planned, how will be Zobiya and Qirat’s life and how they will deal with the twist and turns in their lives?


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