Haniya and Ujala meets – Aas episode 17 review.

Finally, after so much resistance, Safeer agrees to marry Ujala, and they both get engaged.

Rizwan apologizes to Hania and her mother and takes Hania out for dinner. On the other hand, Safeer also takes Ujala out for dinner at the same place where Rizwan and Hania are already present, as Safeer’s sister Humaira forced him to do so.

Rizwan sees Safeer and Ujala together and insists that they join him and Hania. Hania didn’t want Rizwan to invite Safeer but Rizwan being the negative character, he does so and they all sat together for dinner.

I absolutely love how Rizwan (aka Arsalan Butt) carries himself throughout the episode, his acting and way of delivering dialogues are absolutely fantastic.


Let’s see what Rizwan will do to embarrass Safeer. Will Rizwan disclose something in front of Ujala? We probably have to wait for episode 18 to know. Watch episode 18 promo: