How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

How bad breath does occur?

Bad breath can be an embarrassing situation while you are going for an interview or attending a party. It usually occurs due to certain foods like onions or cabbage. It can sometimes occur due to bad health conditions or poor dental hygiene.


You don’t need to worry; today we’ll learn how to get rid of bad breath


The first thing you need to make sure is that you brush your teeth properly. The standard time for brushing teeth is 2 minutes. Remember, it is very important to smell good. If you don’t brush your teeth for good 2 minutes, you won’t be able to remove plaque and bacteria, causing bad breath.


Brush your teeth twice a day. It is very important; brushing your teeth in the morning will clean your teeth, give you fresh breath, remove bacteria, and cavities. The same goes for brushing your teeth at night. Whatever you consume the whole day will be removed, bacteria won’t get a chance to make its space. Hence, it will result in strong teeth and fresh breath.


Don’t forget your tongue while brushing your teeth. We have little pores in our tongue which often saves the food particles in it, which later releases the bad smell.

Keep a mouth freshener with you if you are a smoker. Understand that people around you might not be comfortable with cigarette smell. You can simply pump mouth freshener, to avoid foul breath. You can also carry chewing gum. Chew it every time you feel bad odor from your mouth.

If you often feel the bad smell from your mouth, start consuming food that has citrus in it. Citrus food elevates 80% chances of bad breath as it balances the pH.


There can be other several reasons for bad breath too. If bad breath continues to emerge, concern a doctor, as it might be an indicator of a disease too.