Gali Mein Chand Nikla | Episode 72 | TV One Drama | 30 October 2018
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Gali Mein Chand Nikla | Episode 72 | TV One Drama | 30 October 2018

From a maze of alleys in a mohalla, emerges a sizzling romance, simmering intrigue and a shocking betrayal.

Revolving around a handsome, jobless man
Sikandar, the story also reveals his engagement to Rabia, secret romance with Shaista, and his hidden involvement in a criminal gang. But while Sikandar is misleading his family he does not know that he too is trapped in a web of deceit – and there is no way out.

Cast :Furqan Qureshi, Tipu, Amra Kazi.
Written by :Saqlain Abbas & Azhar Ali
Directed by :Azfar Ali

Gali Mein Chand Nikla Episode 72 TV One Drama 30 October 2018
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Cast : Furqan Qureshi, Tipu, Amra Kazi.

Content Head : Shehwar Rahim

Written by : Muhammad Raheel

Directed by :Azfar Ali

Gali Main Chand Nikla – A Good Start to an Intense Story
Azfar Ali’s Gali main chand nikla tells a heartfelt tragic love story, which received positive audience response after the week of its launch.
Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh) is a jobless guy working secretly for a gang headed by his friend Tipu. Living in a middle-class family Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh) is left with no choice. Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh)’s fiancé Rabia (Amra Zahid Kazi) loves him, however, Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh) is cheating on her.

Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh)’s secret lover Shaista (Nazish Jahangir Ch) called him and informed about her marriage with some other guy. Later, Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh) came to meet her on the roof. Later, like a traditional lover, he warned Shaista (Nazish Jahangir Ch) and threatens her to say No!
Later in the second episode, Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh)’s sister Suraiya received an expensive gift from her secret admirer, however, she tried her best to hide the gift until she finds the sender. After the break, Rabia (Amra Zahid Kazi) opened the door for Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh) while he was talking to Shaista (Nazish Jahangir Ch). Changing the topic, Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh) smartly disconnected the call and took Rabia (Amra Zahid Kazi) for shopping, while Shaista (Nazish Jahangir Ch) kept waiting for Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh) on the rooftop.
Now, What will Sikandar (Furqan Sheikh) do to stop Shaista (Nazish Jahangir Ch)’s marriage?

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