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Naveen, an idealistic young woman and Arib a fearless journalist are madly in love with each other.But Naveen is married off to Zeeshan Shah, a powerful businessmanwho is blinded by jealousy on learning about her past. Later Arib marries Samira who suffers the pain of knowing her husband loves someone else. But the situation becomes life threatening when Arib begins investigating the water issuesof his city and finds that Zeeshan Shah has a murky role in them. Now Zeeshan has 2 reasons to eliminate Arib. Will he succeed? Or will true love triumph?

Concept By: Seema Taher Khan

Executive Producer: Seema Taher Khan

Written By: Shamim Bazil

Director Script: Khalil ullah Farooqi

Starring: Mikaal Zulfiqar, Noman Ijaz, Sarwat Gilani and Zhalay Sarhadi

Mann Pyasa | Episode 24 | TV One Drama | 4 January 2019

Mann Pyasa Episode 24 TV One Drama 4 January 2019

پانی کے بحران پر خصو صی ڈرامہ سیریل من پیاسا

ترا جنوں ہے کہ سوکھے لبوں کی پیاس بجھے
ہے میرا خواب کہ ویراں دلوں میں پھول کھلے

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Cast : Mikaal Zulfiqar, Noman Ijaz, Sarwat Gilani, ZhalaySarhadi

Produced & Directed by: Barkat Sidiki.

Director Script: Khalil ullah Farooqi.

Written By: Shamim Bazil

Executive Producer: TVOne Global

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When love dies- can it ever come alive again?

After residing in the US for some years, Hina and Faisal decide to separate and Hina returns to Pakistan with her young daughter to start a new life. But everything changes when Faizan’s young cousin Rohail enters her life and falls in love with her. Meantime she is unaware that her daughter Seep has fallen for Rohail.
And to complicate matters further, Faizan comes back to Pakistan and wants Hina back.
Now a storm is about to break. Will anybody escape its fury?

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