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Aadat | Last Episode | TV One Drama | 24 July 2018

Aadat Last Episode TV One Drama 24 July 2018 on TV One Official Youtube Channel

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Cast : Anum Fayyaz, Junaid Khan, Sharmeen Ali, Ali Safina , Ayoob Khosa

Written by: Aliya Bukhari

Director: Adnan Wai Qureshi

Content Head: Shahzad Javed

Producers: Adnan Siddiqui & Akhtar Hasnain

Can true love ever triumph over treachery and deceit? Minal and Azar are madly in love. But their best friends Sana and Farhan are trying to separate them through lies and intrigue. Who will tell them the truth?
Azar, played by Junaid Khan [2] and Sana are colleagues in an advertising agency but while Azar just thinks of Sana as a friend, she dreams of marrying him someday. So she gets a rude shock when Azar gets involved with the young and pretty Minaal who is a new entrant in their office. Sana now conspires with Farhan, a rich and devious young man, to discredit Minaal in Azar’s eyes. Farhan also falls for Minaal and being jealous of Azar wants to destroy him. Unaware of this intrigue Azar and Minaal begin a journey of love not knowing what dangerous obstacles, treachery and heartbreak lie ahead.

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July 24, 2018 | 9238 Views