Drama Serial Aas | Episode 28 | Review

The drama serial Aas episode 28 started with a video call between Ujala and her mother. Ujala is not happy with her married life, and of course, she did wrong with Safeer. We all knew this will happen. On the other hand, Rakshi is not feeling well. Rakshi’s in law are being cooperative with, despite so many grudges.

As drama serial Aas episode 28 continued, Safeer’s is doing well in his job. His boss is very happy with him and for time being, Safeer has postponed the plan to go abroad. Moreover, Humera and Safeer have a random conversation about Hania. Humera suggests Safeer reconnect with Hania

At the end of drama serial Aas episode 28, Rab Nawaz exposed Rizwan by telling the reality about his character. He told Hania’s grandmother that Rizwan all spoiled. Although Hania’s grandmother was not in favor of Khulla or divorce, now she is giving a second thought to this relation. Let’s see what episode 29 will bring for us. Stay tuned!