Dastaar e Anaa Episode 17- Zaibunissa… What a great character!

Dastaar e Anaa Episode 17- Zaibunissa… What a great character!

August 12, 2017 | 662 Views

So, Zaibunissa the strongest character of Dastaar e Anaa stands out from the crowd even after 17 episode, but how? Character or actress. My vote is for both as Uzma Gilani the most versatile actress of Pakistan is playing Zaibunissa so well.

Now about the 17th episode, Riffat came back after police petrol at Zaibunissa’s town house, when Gul Baba informed Zaibunissa about the incident, she became furious and left in anger. Later, Mahnoor inquired about Gul Baba and got worried, because Gul Baba already got in trouble last week due to Mahnoor and Adeel.

On the way to fields Mahnoor saw Abid Khan and Munzza laughing and spending a good time together, she shouted at the driver to seek Abid’s attention. However, r she was waiting for this to happen so that she gets a valid point to leave him.

In the last a few scenes, Adeel asked his friend to make a plan as he wants to visit Mahnoor, meanwhile, Riffat wants to back off for some time and wait for a better chance, and Zaibunissa is ready to cross all her limits legally & Illegally to get rid of Riffat.


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