Daniyal threatens Fasih to get over with Imaan’s pregnancy in Kasak Rahay Ge!

Self-centred Imaan and selfish Daniyal try to kill Fasih’s child, however, Fasih and his family left everything upon Allah and waited for the best.



Daniyal and Imaan planned to divorce both Fasih and Rabiya to live happily ever after, but Allah had plans for both Fasih and Rabiya. As Imaan’s pregnancy emerged in the charter of Fasih and he plans to keep the marriage, moreover Fasih thinks Imaan will get back as soon she will hold her child. However, Imaan didn’t eat anything, keep her self in stress so that the child dies before coming into this world. Will it happen that way? Offcourse not!



Rabiya and her phuphu planned to keep Fasih’s child and Imaan isn’t aborting due to fear of Allah, but she doesn’t know the mighty force, Fasih and Rabiya didn’t even bother Daniyal tactics to provoke and did Sabar in the thirst of happiness.

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