Coronavirus: Updates and Precautions

887 coronavirus cases have been reported till Tuesday (24 March 2020). Pakistan is experiencing a complete lockdown in every part! This is a very good initiative taken by the government. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar confirmed the number of cases reported in his tweet.


According to Chief Minister Usman Buzdar Sindh has reported 395 cases, 249 in Punjba, 38 in KPK, 110 in Balochistan, 80 in Gilgit Baltistan and 15 in Islamabad

However very few death cases have been reported in Sindh, Balochistan, KPK and Gilgit Baltistan. Unluckily we have no vaccine for coronavirus. Yet prevention is better than cure, so we can take safety measures in order to stay safe.

In a morning show, Muskurati Morning hosted by Sahir Lodhi, the host emphasized on the following precautions to stay safe:

-Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands after every 15 to 20 minutes.

-Avoid shaking hands.

  • -Sneeze in your arms.
  • -Maintain social distance.
  • -Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. This is because contaminated hands can transfer virus to your nose, eyes or mouth, resulting in germs being transferred to your body and making you sick

Stay home to stay safe. Coronavirus is a deadly disease which has killed up to 886,110 people globally causing 44,228 deaths and 185,27 people recovered. People are instructed to remain within their homes and only leave in case of emergencies. In Pakistan people have been instructed to offer prayers at home instead of going to mosque. Even Friday congregational prayer has been stopped for a while.

See how your favourite celebrities are helping people in this hard time:


Maya Ali  shared her experience of visit to Shakat Khanum Hospital and helped the poor by distributing ration bags among the needy ones:

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It’s been almost 5 days since I came back from my shaukat khanum fund raising US tour. I had chills when I was there. I got really worried so when I arrived at Lahore airport, they had a proper procedure for all the travellers to go through under the screening. Then I got checked myself and waited 2 days for results. Alhamdulillah test turned out negative. But this whole process wasn’t that easy. Stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and most importantly that fear… I know it’s a crucial time, not only for Pakistan but actually for the whole humanity. There is no vaccine that has yet been dicovered for this virus, all we can do is self care and follow proper measures. We must take it seriously. I am more worried about those people who survive on daily wages, now they don’t have any source to feed themselves and their families. They can’t even get checked themselves because of affordability. I’ll request the government of Pakistan to think about them and try to arrange a team who can reach them and get them checked free of cost. This is not a time to panic and this time too shall pass by Insha ALLAH. For now social distancing is the only way for our safer future. We won’t hug for some time so we can meet more happily later… Have faith in ALLAH and do take every possible precaution for yourself, for your family and for the entire humanity… “Beshak ALLAH is the greatest” #washyourhands #wearmask #socialdistancing

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This is the first batch of ration bags which has just arrived. It’s the right time when we should play our own part and shouldn’t wait for others to come and save people. It is a very crucial time and we should become one as a nation and stick together. Alhamdulillah I am glad that ALLAH has given me this opportunity to help those in need at a time like this. A few days ago I got this thought in my mind which I shared it with my friends @faizasaqlain_ and @saqlainhayder who also became a part of this… I am truly thankful to each and every single individual who donated and played their part even from outside Pakistan. We have no idea how long this will go on, but we have to stand together for those in need and are less fortunate. Insha ALLAH this all will end soon but until then we have to continue doing this… If any one wants to donate, please contact on this number and I’ll make sure this reaches the deserving affected people. I am going to attach the list of all the items which are included in a Rashan bag. Each rashan bag costs 5k, and if anyone wants to make their own Rashan bag and send that instead of money, you can do that also… Let’s become one nation to fight corona and win against it…. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Please send the picture of the receipt once you make the payment in this number. +923103111121 Bank Alfalah Nift code: 0530128 Branch name: Cavalry Ground Branch Lahore Name: FAIZA SAQLAIN Account: PK51ALFH0157001004713768 Branch code: 0157 Swift code: ALFHPKKA157

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Hania Amir on her Instagram said:


Hira Mani posted a picture with a caption:

Moreover, Hira Mani also distributed ration bags among people who are in need of it:




Sonya Hussyn said:

Humanyun Saeed takes Donate Kro Na Challenge:


Hajra Yamin promotes to stay connected with people by maintaining social distance and without shaking hands.


Adnan Siddiqui also urged people to donate for the needy people