Cannes 2018: Mahira Khan Looks from better to best – See Pictures

Cannes 2018: Mahira Khan Looks from better to best – See Pictures

May 16, 2018 | 4057 Views

To our surprise, Mahira Khan had her highs and lows. And since the start of the festival, we all were eyeing for the best.

Starting with what she wore for loreal faced mixed reviews. Even I didn’t like it much but seeing the other loreal ladies I found her’s a little more attractive.

After Mahira’s no not so safe first appearance at Cannes; Ermanno Ecervino ‘s light blue tuxedo saved it for her; Matching high waisted trousers and white shirt Mahira tried to nail it at least for once.


Mahira Khan’s Look at Cannes 2018:


Starting with Loreal looks, Mahira Khan chooses to wear Leonard Paris pairing with Tom Wood. The colourful silk attire worked in the daylight pretty well, however, I just loved her hair, maybe because it’s Loreal.


Next, the Lilac gown by Maisonyeya had that perfect Diva touch, however, her hair could have been better at this stage but the pleats did hook us wanting for more.


Traditional Way; covering the rest Mahira Khan wore a saree to prove the desi diva in a good way. And it did work pulling the best from the better.


last but the best one saved for the farewell Mahira looked haute in pink alongside the floral facade. Since it was her first time at Cannes, we love how she pulled everything with confidence, and at the end, she didn’t fail to us impressed with the best.