Ayeza Khan looks much more younger & We Are Wondering How?

Ayeza Khan looks much younger in her recent photoshoot, because of her fringe maybe.

Women tend to feel younger with the changing looks, and Ayeza looks fresh wearing lime this weekend. From her wedding look to her chanting motherhood, now the younger fringe nothing could beat her versatility at a glance.

Have a look


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A post shared by Ayeza Khan (@ayezakhan.ak) on


A fringe may have all a little hair change, yet it can have a genuine effect on your general look. It is unpleasantly simple to fail to understand the situation, yet transformative when done right. For somewhere in the range of a fringe is a piece of their character, having never been seen without one since the main school picture; others will have a momentary relationship having attempted various fringe hairdos, and some of you may look test for the simple first time. Celebrities with the assistance of their glitz groups are especially exploratory with regards to attempting a side periphery, a bounce with a periphery or straight-cut blasts. Looks like Ayeza took her experts advice seriously, and opted for fresh breath in the air.

Isn’t it?