Are you a Ali Noor fan? Here’s Episode 1 till Episode 5 Story Roundup!

Are you a Ali Noor fan? Here’s Episode 1 till Episode 5 Story Roundup!

September 13, 2017 | 793 Views

The serene valley of Chinar Ghati is invaded one night by soldiers of the British Raj in the last century. The nawab of Chinar Ghati is horrified to learn that the man leading the attack is his own nephew Jalal Rao who is also engaged to his elder daughter Jahan Ara. The Nawab refuses to surrender and challenges Jalal Rao accusing him to be a lackey of the British. In the ensuing quarrel, the nawab is stabbed by Jalal Rao and his two daughters Jahan Ara and Gaiti Ara witness this gruesome incident. When their mother dies of a heart attack on seeing her husband fall, Jahan Ara grabs Gaiti by the hand and rushes with her to the ancient well to jump in and save themselves from being defiled by British soldiers. But before jumping in Jahan Ara vows revenge and tells Jalal Rao that she will haunt his future generations.

The story now moves to the present time and we see young Sajid and Maira working together in an ad agency. They are actually in love but have not declared their feelings yet.
When Sajid goes for a recce to Chinar Ghati for shooting an ad, he is received by two beautiful women who take him home and look after him in a very caring and loving manner. These two women are the spirits of Jahan Ara and Gaiti who are actually slow poisoning Sajid as part of their vow to punish any young man who ventures in their area.
Later on, young Ali Rao who is a descendant of Jalal Rao comes to Chinar Ghati to look for Sajid and now he becomes the target of Jahan Ara’s wrath.

The story takes many twists and turns moving back and forth in time before coming to an end that will take viewers by surprise.

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