Adhuri Kahani | Episode 18 Promo | TV One Drama | 10 January 2019

Adhuri Kahani Episode 18 Promo TV One Drama 10 January 2019

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Starring : Iffat Omer, Omair Rana, Dania Enwer, Nighat Chowdhary, Imran Ashraf, Khalid Butt, Rachel Khan

Content Head : Khalil Ullah Farooqui

Director : Farhan Nadeem

Producer : Shehzad Agha

Executive Producer : Seema Taher Khan

A woman wakes up from a coma
to wish she had died
A loving relationship between two sisters is put to the test. Who will pay the price?

Adhuri Kahani: Sana & Adnan’s budding love; Will Zeba be able to accept their relationship?

With a great suspense and strong storyline, Adhuri Kahani remains our Thursday favorite.

Adhuri Kahan has been our Thursday favorite owing to its engaging star cast and strong story line.

Adhuri Kahani revolves around the story of two sister who lives a lone in the city and has Asad, the elder sisters husband as a moral support. However, there is an uncle ‘Shajeel’ who is there to help the girl but he is never kind to them in real. The entire suspense in the story connects Zeba and Sana with Asad in every way and fans are still joining the dots.

In the previous episode of Adhuri Kahani, Zeba and Asad finally got married and Sana started to make connections with Adnan, who is her stepmother’s relative. Although Zeba has no idea about Sana and Adnan’s relationship and trying to set Sana’s relation with Nabeel, sharjeel uncle’s son.

On one hand Sana is quality time with Adnan and Zeba would mind that in everyway. And on the other hand Zeba wants Sana to get married to Nabeel and invited them for dinner. And so she proposed Sana’s hand in marriage with Nabeel and Sharjeel uncle had no point to say no!

Now, Sana loves Adnan and Zeba likes Nabeel, will Sana be able to accept Nabeel forgetting Adnan’s love?

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