The Actress, Scriptwriter and Director – Amar Khan

The multi-talented actress, who marked her name in a short span of time was born at Multan but is a Lahori. She is a daughter of Legendary Actress Fareeha Jabeen.

Since her childhood, she had a very clear vision about her future. She wanted herself on TV screens since she was very young. After her A’ Levels she told her mother about her dreams and her mother supported her, however, her father was a little against it.

She studied filmmaking from Beaconhouse National University (BNU) and graduated as a filmmaker from there. Amar has been producing telefilms as well. She is a great director and scriptwriter too

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Amar stepped into this industry in 2016 as a writer and director and then tried her hands with acting too. She made her path in this field due to her outstanding acting skills. We are privileged that Amar is a part of TvOne family. She played the lead role in drama Ghughi.