This Actress is behind the smiles on the faces of Syrian Refugees!

This Actress is behind the smiles on the faces of Syrian Refugees!

November 5, 2018 | 1133 Views

When everybody has their own struggle, Actress Armeena Rana Khan took a step ahead and came forward to help Syrian refugees. Certainly, virtues are formed by prayer. And prayer preserves temperance. Prayer suppresses anger, Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy. We all should thank Allah for a peaceful life, and if we are to look at our bother Muslims suffering as Syrians. In this case, we wished to see some initiative in life and that’s what Armeena did; According to the sources Armeena Rana Khan is off to help Syrian refugees also showing her interest in visiting Syria. Never thought to hear that from a precise personality like hers but we do respect her initiative as a Pakistan, and fellow Muslim being. I have decided to go out there myself to hand deliver donations, zakat to the war refugees and children of Syria.” said Armeena.

Continuing the positivity, Armeena Khan is Bringing Smiles on Syrian Refugees’ Faces. Armeena is currently visiting and distributing the donations she collected to help Syrian Refugee.




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AS PROMISED. The moment team @hrfnorthwest delivered the news to this war ravaged, grief stricken man that he will be covered for everything for the next few years. He is the man with the 6 children. His son left him, his wife is severely brain damaged as a result of violence. His daughter has cerebral palsy and his 14 year old daughter became the mother because she had to grow up before her time. On our last visit, he was asked “how have you been feeding your family?” He hung his head and his voice broke down. He said “I go through trash cans for food.” This moment finally broke me, I experienced so many emotions at the same time and felt like my heart was going to explode. He said “May your faces never see jahanum” was a defining moment for me. I take so much with me and in the coming months and years, i hope that I am given the opportunity to help change more lives. I love you girls @sairahzafar @shareennawaz you’ve changed my life. Finally, to you the public, see how YOU changed a life for years to come. 🙏🏻❤️❤️ #syrianappeal @neezo87

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“So I’m finally here and distributing food packs to the neediest with the lovely ladies at Human Relief Foundation,” Armeena shared a picture on InsKind-hearted

hearted Celebrity also shared that, she got inspired by her mother and the charity she use to do to help people, Khan said, My mother always impressed me with all the social work she did in her life and I started this Syrian journey with my mom’s prayers. It is her dream that I am living right now and her wish that I am fulfilling. It is such a sweet thing and I wanted to share her messages. My heart swells when I read these,” she wrote sharing a screenshot of her mother’s messages.

Moreover, the star added that she has been overwhelmed by the amount of support and donations pouring in from her lovely followers and we all should step forward and bring some smile on the faces of these Syrian Refugee.

May Allah be with you Armeena, we can’t praise you enough for this kind gesture.