Aadat Review: Ouch! Minaal chooses Farhan over Azar.. Is she taking a revenge from Sana?

Aadat Review: Ouch! Minaal chooses Farhan over Azar.. Is she taking a revenge from Sana?

March 14, 2018 | 1668 Views

After being locked up in the jail Azar chooses to believe Sana. Sana who never attended Rumi’s wedding explained Azar about the scene like a pro! Perhaps it was planned and executed pretty well. All in all, Sana managed to impress Azar’s dad and won his trust by misleading Azar’s case. Did you know Farhan always hated Minaal? Yes! he did and upon Sana’s request, he controlled Minaal and her feelings.

In the 14th episode, Sana inquired about Azar’s bail and explained Farhan the horrors attached to the case and Minaal’s strong will. Perhaps Farhan forced her to hold Azar’s baba till he gets Nikahfied with Minaal.

Minaal and Rumi shared traditional bride’s maid moments before leaving for her rukhsati and Minaal managed to satisfy her with the decision she took against Azar. Perhaps Rumi requested Minaal to pen her decision ASAP warned her to generate a strong call against Azar’s behaviour.



In the second segment, a little move of  Azar’s baba brought a strong shift in the story. What happened was Azar’s baba went to meet his legal advisor and met a shocking revelation. Sana, whom he pictured perfectly for Azar presented as the half culprit before him and he managed to explain Azar about his forceful abduction, which he ignored and later requested to meet Minaal. However, Azar’s father tried his best to make up with Minaal and plead her to meet Azar for once.

Will Minaal be able to meet Azar before her Nikah?



All in all last night’s episode was a hint of Sana and Farhan’s wicked moves and they might get caught red-handed in the next episode. But Farhan and Minaal nikah give Azar’s fans some serious shivers which hint major loss.

Will Azar and Minaal be able to sense Farhan’s mischievous behaviour?

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