5 Thought Provoking Dramas on TvOne You Can’t Miss This Season!

TvOnePk brought you 5 thought-provoking shows this season that you can’t miss!

While the most loved content is being on aired on TvOne, we’ve rounded 5 Thought Provoking Dramas on TvOne You Can’t-Miss This Season.

Starting with TvOne signature love triangle #RohRahaHaiDil is making a lot of buzz in town since Ro Raha Hai Dil is the most loved content of the season we thought to round up the story for those who want to catch up from the recent episode. So, Ahad’s affection for Ayesha is increasing by the minute. And Humayun has no idea about the trouble he will get into after selling Ayesha against the bet with Pasha. In the 13th episode, Humayun visited Pasha to inform Ayesha about her brother’s arrival. Since Ayesha ran away from Pasha’s place he had to choice but to explain Humayun that Ayesha must have died or she just vanished. Although Humayun predicted worst for Ayesha and now praying for her return before his brother kills Humayun for everything happened without consent.



On the other hand, Ahad is taking good care of Ayesha, although his mother hates the presence of a stranger and wants Ahad to send her back from where she came. Actually, Ahad’s mother wanted to hunt a girl before Zoya gets married to Humayun and she doesn’t want Ahad to get into trouble for keeping a girl under his supervision.

Daud Shah who fell on the floor in the last episode demanded a little more care from Zoya and wants to get back to life ASAP! As he wants to hitch Zoya with Humayun and as soon he gets up his first task would be Zoya’s marriage, however, he has no idea about Humayun’s wife having in his home and Ahad’s connections, how will he react to this, we can’t predict until Ayesha discloses her identity. Ro Raha Hai Dil, every Monday at 8 PM only on TvOne

Since Zain Ali is devasted with the thought of second marriage we think the issue should be addressed as our young generation should know the possible pros and cons, Having begun with Tehreem’s accident Naulakha took a turn with audience got to know about infertility.



However, with Rohail’s consent, Qurat-ul-Ain gave her only child to Tehreem. For a second we thought its Qurat will give Samar to Tehreem and Zain Ali but it was purely Ahmed Ali’s idea to get a hold on Naulakha and the property.

Tehreem and Zain’s family was earlier not aware of infertility and Samar’s adoption and Zain Ali’s father hated the fact that Samar is Ahmed Ali’s grandchild and he will surely mint something in the property for Samar, and that came out when Zain Ali demanded money for some construction and Ahmed Ali clearly said No to give any money just because he bought property for Samar and wanted to disclose later.

Although Akbar Ali had an idea he wanted Ahmed Ali to show his intentions first. On the other hand, Noor Jahan was waiting for the time when the expected clash to happen and she offered Shafaq’s hand in marriage for Zain Ali so that Zain can have his own child. How fair is that! Seriously everyone seems to be having their share to rot Tehreem, how will Zain Ali react to his second marriage, will he agree to get married to Shafaq? Naulakha every Tuesday at 8 PM only on TvOnePk

Maryam Pereira, Maryam is a character you don’t want to miss! Ever since the teasers went on air audiences were quite intrigued watching Sadia Khan and Ahsan Khan in lead and having watched episodes we can’t even wait to watch the whole story,The story of this play revolves around Maryam Pereira, Maryam is a Christian girl teaching at a local college and loves her family and wishes to help her community in every possible way. Maryam Pereira (Sadia Khan) is honestly an emblem of sophistication as she never sees wrong in anyone and loves her mother and siblings very much. A very kind-hearted soul Mayram also has someone very special in life revealed as her best friend’s brother “Sufyan”, who is a lawyer by profession and a loyal son and brother but the only trouble in his life is loving a Christian girl. Other than Emmad and Sadia’s character there’s Ahsan Khan in the play as well who is Baloch Sardar, although we haven’t had much from him yesterday, Ahsan stepped in at the end of the episode where his father arranged a lavish welcome party to celebrate his graduation. Ahsan Khan is playing Ali who just came back to Karachi completing his education from abroad. However, it was just a glimpse of his entry at the end and more from his character will enfold in the upcoming episodes.



5 Episodes down Sadiq Khan still holds the desire to marry Maryam Pereira and Maryam still hates his faces! Maryam Pereira focuses on thought-provoking issues of our society, We are so glad to see that issues being raised each passing episode. From Muslim-Christian love story to a story of strong women fighting with Land Mafia, Maryam Pereira has everything to keep our interests alive.

Maryam Pereira rejected Sadiq Khan twice in the previous episode and last night was the third time when Maryam refused to buy Sadiq Khan’s affection. Also, this time Ali heard Sadiq Khan talking about Maryam and how he will strangle her once he gets married to Maryam, however, Ali looked extremely furious and thought to interrupt but left because he wasn’t sure whether it was about the same Maryam.

Maryam is trying her level best to ignore Sadiq Khan and focus on sister Jenny, who is getting out of control for Peter who is least interest to marry her. However, Maryam’s friend explains the way Peter is manipulating Jenny and suggested Maryam set up back and focus on her career. Although Maryam is not sitting and mopping around Jenny and her relationship with Sufyan are bothering her. Instead, Maryam should lead her life with confidence, she is in deep depression and finding ways to keep her self away from everything. Last night, despite having an argument leading to break up with Sufiyan, Maryam misses Sufiyan and secretly wish to have him back in her life.

While Sufiyan isn’t doing well and his dadi on a verge to get him hitched asap! Since Maryam didn’t explain to him the reason behind her refusal and she deliberately misbehaved with Sufiyan’s father, he is in an utter state of shock and unable to cope with the loss.

If we talk about the episode overall this week Maryam Pereira had more flashbacks and Ali supporting Maryam Pereira going against his father. Ahsan Khan and Sadia Khan make a lovely pair on screen but it’s still very early to predict who will live happily ever after with Maryam Pereira. Maryam Pereira every Wednesday at 8 PM only on TvOnePk

And now, Adhuri Kahan, fans who wished to see the family flourish after a roller coaster ride of emotions, Zeba finally said yes for Sana and Adnan’s marriage, Adnan has finally departed after his tragic attempt to murder in last night’s episode.

The decision of Sana and Adnan’s marriage was very difficult for Zeba and only Sharjeel uncle’s urge made her change the decision. Let’s face it we all want to know what’s in Sharjeel uncle’s mind while planning Sana’s marriage with Adnan. And in last night’s episode, it became crystal clear that Sana’s stepmom was right about Sharjeel uncle’s intention, and there was something cruel going in his head while appealing for Sana and Adnan’s marriage.



On the other hand, Zeba planned the best for her sister and went on lunch to meet Adnan’s family, however, Sharjeel uncle hates Sana and Zeba, he can’t go in there favour and to hear get the glance of his evil trick Sana’s stepmom paid him a visit. Although Sana’s stepmom had a rough idea of Sharjeel’s devilish tricks she rather chooses to go with her instincts.

On the other hand, Sharjeel uncle was completely satisfied with his plan and waited for Adnan’s scream while Zeba Zeba managed to accompany him on the way. since Sharjeel uncle planned Adnan’s murder so well Adnan instantly fell on the street and took the last breath of his life and left Sana teary-eyed forever also Zeba’s critical condition is giving her fans panic attacks because she might not wake up again!

Will Sana be able to accept Adnan’s tragic accident and how will she react to Zeba’s condition? Adhuri Kahani every Thursday at 8 PM only on TvOnePk

Last but not the least, our Friday stellar Kasak Rahay Ge started with bang where audiences saw powerful performance by the leads, Noor Hasan and Adla Khan starrer Kasak Rahay Ge address intense realities of life, from non compatible husband and wife to a man who keeps an eye on his sister in law Kasak Rahay Ge has managed to glue audience from the start.

The story is intriguing to the core also the complimenting performance by the actors and the flawless direction makes it a worth watch, if you’ve missed Kasak Rahay Ge you can always follow our Youtube channel and catch up with the current story!