5 Fun And Informative Pop Corn Facts Will POP Your Mind This Friday!

So, why popcorn? Let us tell your that Bushra Ansari’s daughter Meera Ansari just joined Instagram with a bowl full of popcorn and with that we wanted to ft. Meera’s picture with some useful information about snacking popcorns.

Here’re 5 Fun And Informative PopCorn Facts Will POP Your Mind This Friday!


Pounds of Pressure to Pop Corn Really?

Every part of popcorn contains a little measure of water, which, when warmed, swings to steam. This steam constructs weight. At the point when the weight comes to around 135 pounds for every square inch, the piece will detonate.


OMG, Just Two Shapes .. We didn’t know that,

Popcorn comes in two essential shapes. The bigger snowflake shape is the thing that you’ll discover in ballparks and theatres, while the little mushroom shape is utilized for sweets like caramel corn.


Oh, some kinds as well:

There are six sorts of maize (case, sweet, flour, mark, rock, and popcorn) however just popcorn, Zea mays everta, will pop when warmed.


Who eats the most popcorns in the world. Us no!

Americans win because they eat so much popcorn approx of fifty popped quarts for every individual every year that it could fill the Empire State Building 18 times!


“Old Maids” or “Spinsters” What’s the connection?

Pieces that are excessively dry won’t be capable, making it impossible to make steam (or weight) and won’t pop. They’re energetically called “old cleaning specialists” or “old maids.”


Nothing could beat the taste and the perfect munch of popcorns. Let’s just grab a bag this weekend!