Mukurati Morning – 17 February 2020

In today’s episode of Muskarati Morning hosted by Sahir Ali Lodhi, Nazia Malik, Fatima Zara Malik, and Mathira we had different segments. Continue reading to know what happened in today’s episode.

The show started with its first segment Pehli Baat in which Sahir Lodhi sang a beautiful song and as usual, people admired it.

Then in its second segment, Fatimah Zara Malick taught an amazing arms workout. Click the link below to see the workout!

Then we had Dr. Yameen to discuss Hepatitis E in detail. Click the link below so you can know the symptoms and causes to stay safe!

As the show continues, Nazia taught us about what kind of eye makeup one should do when there is a very light socket line. Click the link below to learn.

Moving towards the next segment, we learned about nail infections and Farah gave an amazing remedy to treat Fungal Infection at home. Isn’t it amazing?