In Review Naulakha: Tehreem dares to leave Haveli for Samar!

Sarwat Gilani as Tehreem has been breaking stereotypes in Naulakha, and we are loving every bit of her character.

Tehreem met an accident and lost her fertility forever since Zain madly loved Tehreem he begged for her hand in marriage she
can’t imagine Zain being rude to her ever, and now when Tehreem has adopted Samar after Zain asked Qurat-ul-ain for the favour and now he is backing out from the decision.


Last week Naulakha closed on a huge fight between Akbar Ali and Anwar Ali, as Anwar Ali wanted the property on Samar’s credentials, however, Akbar Ali refused to accept his false accusations. While Zain tried his best to reject Akbar and Noor
Jahan’s proposal.


This episode opens with Tehreem’s mother inquiring about Ahmed Ali’s intention and the purpose of giving Samar to Tehreem,
although Ahmed Ali had an idea about the chaos and the allegations coming in way, furthermore Tehreem called Zain to
have a chat on the budding issues in haveli and she doesn’t want Samar to get into trouble for the sake of property. But instead of thinking to settle the matter Zain became aggressive and followed Noor Jahan’s advice to ask for second marriage. Unable to tackle the situation, Tehreem left Zain’s house Although. While Tehreem’s mother did support her when she told them about the Zain’s second marriage, but later her mother backs off from his words when Akbar Ali, inquired about Naulakha.


In the meanwhile, Quratulain has been giving practical pieces of advice to Tehreem, being aware of her father’s gestures which forced Zain for a second marriage. While Zain visited Tehreem to take her back and she refused because she wanted Samar to
accompany them, although Zain loved Samar’s presence and he asked for the adoption has been regretting his decisions because his baray abu might not give his share and Shafaq’s as well against Samar’s adoption.


Now, Zain Ali is prepared to get married again not knowing Noor Jahan wants to Shafaq to give the successor, though Shafaq wants to confront Tehreem once before getting married to Zain as she can’t hurt Tehreem for Naulakha and the property, Zain also has doubts about the idea of his second marriage, and the teasers show that Noor Jahan’s trick of alluring Zain worked and her Shafaq is now getting married for Zain’s successor and Tehreem will leave Zain finding herself cheated for money!


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