Munkir has right ingredients to be next hit thing on television

Munkir has right ingredients to be next hit thing on television

March 2, 2017 | 6386 Views

TV One latest drama serial, Munkir, has made an awesome start with an intriguing plot and stellar cast. With veterans Zafar Mairaj and Nadeem Siddiqui and stars like Osman Khalid Butt, Nida Khan and Ahmed Ali on board we know that it is going to be extra ordinary.

Three episodes down and it has kept us hooked with surprising twists every now and then. Before giving my verdict on the drama here is a quick recap.

 Quick Recap

The first episode kicked off with a dream sequence where our heroine, Rona (Nida Khan) found herself in a fairy tale wedding at a church with her fiancé Zain (OKB) in the presence of her mentor Sister Catherine. Suddenly, a stranger intervened and took her away from her loved ones.

A little disturbed Rona shared her dreams with her stepmother, Rania (Mahjabeen) and she interpreted it as if Rona was missing Sister Catherine as she couldn’t make to her wedding. Rona decided to go and meet her beloved hostel warden Sister Catherine before getting hitched. With the permission of her grandmother and Rania she went out to Murree where she accidentally met a stranger, Gulrez (Ahmed Ali). She bumped into him at different occasions while staying at Murree and somehow developed an unusual bond with him.

On the other hand Rona’s in-laws were making several visits to her home in Karachi in her absence with a desire to meet her. Rania intelligently dogged them all as she couldn’t tell the reality knowing their orthodox mentality. Although Zain’s lives in Paris but his family was a hardcore conservative with girls covering their heads with scarf and his mother a typical stereotype saas with tasbeeh in hands

Another important character in the story was Rona’s best friend, Anjum. She had issues with her best friend’s conservative in-laws and she often expressed her displeasure over it.

Rona extended her stay in Murree as Sister Catherine was out of town and the priest sent a message to her about Rona’s presence in the city. How will Rona’s stay in Murree change her life? We have still to find out but so far the drahma hooked us with its captivating story and oh-so-magical scenic locations.

Munkir biggest attraction OKB has still to make grand appearance

The biggest highlight of Munkir, Osman Khalid Butt, has yet to make grand appearance. Although we get his little glimpse in first episode as Rona’s fiancé but it is not enough to satisfy us.

Munkir isn’t like a usual love triangle, in fact, the story has several subplots – including terrorism, conservative mindsets and impacts of forcefully imposed norms and traditions on people’s lives.

Ahmed Ali is shown as a brainwashed militant and there must be a background story behind his motives. Zain’s family is also shown as conservative elites and despite of getting foreign education they religiously follow orthodox norms and values.

On the contrary Rona’s family is liberal and believes in women equality– her stepmom is more like her friend and she supports her. Her grandmother also has a heart of gold and she serves as another source of strength for Rona.

So far Munkir has made a decent start and we have lots of expectation from it. What do you think about it? Please tell us in comments.